PUTTMARK See The Line, Sink The Putt

PUTTMARK Press Release
January: 2010

Contact: Julie Walker


Merney Golf “Rolls Out” PUTTMARK™
New Regulation Ball Marker and Alignment Tool
Increases Accuracy to Help Golfers Lower Their Scores

ORANGE COUNTY, CA, 01/10/2010 – The innovative PUTTMARK is Orange County-based Merney Golf’s newest product, designed to help golfers sink more putts by increasing their accuracy on the green. PUTTMARK is now available online at www.puttmark.com, with a widespread launch for national golf and sporting goods retailers slated for spring 2010. PUTTMARK ball markers conform to USGA rules of golf and are legal for tournament play. PUTTMARK allows golfers of any skill level to visualize their target by aligning the two-inch marker’s stripe with the intended target line.

“Golfers complain that when they stand over the ball ready to putt that they don’t have confidence that the line on the ball is actually going toward their target,” said Merney Golf President, Scott Trafford. “The problem is seeing a straight line on a round ball. By combining the line on the ball with the line on PUTTMARK, you get a greater feel that the ball is truly lined up to your target.”

Intended Results

1. Improves a golfer’s putt alignment

2. Improves confidence in target line

3. Increases accuracy in overall putting game

4. Golfers sink more putts and lower their scores

How It Works: After “reading” the break of the green, the golfer determines the line his ball will likely take when he putts it toward the hole. He then aligns a PUTTMARK ball marker behind the ball toward the chosen line of break. After lifting the golf ball, he confirms the line and re-places the ball in front of PUTTMARK with the ball’s stripe aligned with the target. The lines on the PUTTMARK and golf ball create a strong visual 3 ½" continuous straight line, confirming the intended putt line. (Even without a drawn line on the ball, the golfer still gets a strong visual impression of the target line.) Finally, he removes PUTTMARK when the desired target line is confirmed and strokes the putt into the hole.

PUTTMARK offers three models: a metal regulation ball marker, a plastic regulation ball marker, and a longer practice training aid. The first two are 2” in length, which conform to USGA rules of golf, and are legal for tournament play; the third model is 3 1/2” in length and is used on practice greens or putting surfaces in the home or office.

PUTTMARK is designed and manufactured by Merney Golf LLC of Orange County CA, developers of putting improvement tools. The company’s product line features high quality ball markers and other training aids for golfers looking to increase accuracy on the green and improve their overall scores. For additional information on PUTTMARK, visit PUTTMARK, call 949-887-1956 or send an email to Info@PUTTMARK.com.